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Plumber Waverley Pipe Relining

It is good to invest in your house no matter how minute the detail is. You probably carefully considered the type of pipe that you are using for your sewage system. The truth is, any type of pipe can be become cracked or damaged due to environmental factors or age. If at some point you experience backflow, gurgling sounds and foul smell emissions when you use the bathroom or toilet, then you can safely assume that your pipes are faulty.

There are traditional and non-traditional pipe repair options. Traditional pipe repair options often involve excavating the broken pipes. It can be destructive to the property as pipes sprawl under the house. The process also takes a long time to carry out. A non-traditional option that we are proud to offer is pipe relining.

What is pipe relining and how does it differ to the traditional options?

For more than thirty years now, pipe relining has been used as an alternative to traditional methods as it involves minimal to no pipe excavation. This trenchless method involves fitting a pipe liner of fibreglass or cloth tube into the damaged pipe and can be used for pipes from 40mm to 600mm.

What are the steps of the pipe relining process?

We use the inverted cure-in-place pipe repair method which involves the following steps:

Initial pipe cleaning. First, the pipes will be cleaned using the high pressure water jetter to remove dirt and make it easier for the CCTV to check the whole pipe.

CCTV pipe inspection. A video inspection will be conducted to assess the pipe damage. During this process, you will be allowed to view the video footage to identify the cause of sewer damage or clogging.

Pipe cleaning in preparation for procedure. Once you agree to proceed with pipe relining, thorough sewage pipe cleaning is done before a fibreglass or cloth tube or pipe liner is inserted.

Inserting the pipe liner. The pipe liner will be expanded with the use of an inflating device so that the epoxy resin attaches the new pipe old, damaged one.

Curing the liner. The resin will be given some time to cure so it can bond well with the old pipe. Steam or hot air will be used to aid in the curing process.

Final CCTV inspection. Once the resin has set, another inspection is done to ensure that it has settled properly and any issues have been successfully fixed.

What are the benefits of pipe relining?

Time efficiency. Pipe relining is not like traditional methods that will take days to finish. Depending on the extent of the damage, pipe relining can be completed in just a few hours.

Cost efficiency. Pipe relining is not as expensive as the cost of traditional methods. There are less materials and time needed to accomplish it.

Quality assurance. Our services include a 50-year warranty. We are confident that the pipe relining material is sturdy and can last for an extremely long time.

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