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Hot water in Waverley

Ethan watched the puddle growing bigger over the pavers on the side footpath. It wasn’t going to damageanything, with the slope of the path running into the side garden. Ethan put down his cup of coffee on the patio table and moved closer to investigate. Sure enough, the water was coming from the hot water tank, sitting on the side of the house. He knew it would die soon, just perhaps not as drastically. After a quick look through his contacts, Ethan found the number of his local Waverley Plumber and dialled, booking him in to attend that afternoon.

The Neighbourhood Plumber arrived on time, ready to inspect the problem. Ethan showed him around the side of the house. The water to the tank had been isolated, so the spread of water had gradually diminished over the day as the tank had emptied itself. The garden had definitely had a good watering though. The Plumber checked the tank and showed Ethan where it had burst, in the middle of the tank, just out of sight, close to the house. There was no way to repair the damage. Ethan explained that it was an old tank and he’d been crossing his fingers for a few years now that the tank would hold out. It was only a matter of time before luck ran out, and it appeared today was the day. The Plumber quoted on replacing the tank with the same. Ethan agreed with the price and watched as the Neighbourhood Plumber left to pick up a new tank. The Waverton Plumber arrived to find Ethan had swept away the last remaining traces of water and had pulled the pot plants and horribly knotted hoses away from the worksite. The Plumber disconnected the old tank and threw it onto the back of his truck so he could dispose of it later. He then set the new tank in place and began making new connections, sealing the copper pipes and ensuring the power was connected. They waited as the Plumber turned the water back on to see if anything began leaking. The tank sat snuggly against the wall, completely dry as it filled. With the job done, the local Waverley Plumber gave Ethan a hand moving some of the heavier pot plants back into place. The Plumber tidied up the scraps he’d made, shook hands and left to get rid of the rubbish.

If you’re in need of a local Waverley Plumber because your hot water system is feeling under the weather, don’t hesitate to call your Neighbourhood Plumber on 0488 885 207!

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