Unclogging a Kitchen Sink Using Chemical Cleaners

The kitchen sink is one of the most extensively used areas in the home, especially if food is cooked at home. Since raw food is washed in the kitchen sink, and utensils, and cooking appliances are washed there is always a possibility that dirt will accumulate in the kitchen sink. This dirt includes food particles, grease, oil, mud, and paper particles. While manually removing the dirt may unclog the sink to some extent, only the visible dirt can be removed, and water may still accumulate. Unclogging a Kitchen Sink Using Chemical Cleaners is probably the cheapest and quickest way to unclog a kitchen sink.


The chemical cleaners used for unclogging a kitchen sink usually have highly concentrated chemicals which react with the dirt, oil, grease and sediments in the kitchen sink as well as the drainage pipes connected to the kitchen sink, to produce liquids which are drained away quickly. The chemical cleaners may be liquids containing highly concentrated acid, or specially formulated powders which react with water to form a concentrated solution which dissolves all the dirt. The liquid solutions are more difficult to handle, so powders are usually preferred.


Some time is needed for Unclogging a Kitchen Sink Using Chemical Cleaners, as the chemicals have to react with the dirt and grime. So all kitchen activities have to be completed before using chemical cleaners. If the chemicals need water to be effective, some water may be poured in the kitchen sink. Then the chemicals are added to the area to be cleaned and they gradually dissolve the dirt. The fumes generated during the cleaning may be toxic, corrosive and affect the breathing, so it is advisable to use face masks or evacuate the area for some time as the reaction takes place. After chemical cleaning, water may be used to clean up whatever residues remain.