Reasons Behind Collapsed & Broken Drains

Collapsed and broken drains can ruin anyone’s day not to mention extended inconvenience for as long as they are not fixed. Collapsed and broken drains can also become the huge threat to the basic structure of your property, if they occur too frequently and cause seepage.


Getting blocked drains fixed is easy, all you do is call your local plumber and he’ll have it up and running again, but knowing why it happens is just as important so you can prevent it from happening again. This way you don’t just stand to save a lot of money spent on getting drains fixed, but also protect your property from long term structural damage due to frequent seepage.


Here are some of the most common reasons why you experience collapsed and broken drains:


Clip on Toilet Fresheners


You might think that clip on toilet fresheners are keeping your toilet smelling fresh and clean, but then nothing can be further from the truth in the long run. When used long term, not only do these fresheners cause bad smells in your toilet, they also end up blocking the drains as well. A lot of times these fresheners fall into the flush and the clip that holds them to the toilet become stuck in the drain pipe from where they cannot be flushed away.


The clip of the toilet freshener then turns into a trap for anything which is flushed down the toilet, thus causing a blockage that can only be fixed by digging up the pipe.


Tree Roots


The next big threat to your drains is tree roots breaking into the pipe. Tree roots are quite aggressive and are especially drawn to any kind of water source. If it senses water in a nearby pipe it will eventually crack into it and block it. This is why it is important to not have too many trees or other deep rooted plants growing too close to drains or pipes on your property.


Caustic Soda


Local handymen love using Caustic soda for unblocking drains – but the truth is that this makes the situation even worse. It can also make them worse. Since if Caustic soda is not properly flushed away, its remaining residue hardens like cement and yet again causes a blockage.


Things You Never Thought Of


Some of the other more uncommon things which have been known to cause collapse and broken drains are kid’s toys. During a recent call to open a drain, a plumber found a 90cm softball lodging itself in the pipe. Last year in England, a little boy flushed down his puppy down the toilet while trying to give the puppy a bath and caused a major drainage catastrophe.


So here are a few things to keep an eye on to prevent collapse and broken drains on your property.