Fixing a Copper Pipe Leak without Soldering

Usually, when fixing copper pipe leaks, a process known as soldering is involved. But if soldering is unnecessary when it comes to fixing the leak, what do you do? All you need to do is to get a number of compression fittings, and then follow the steps highlighted below. No need to contact a plumber for assistance.

1. Look for leaking copper pipes. Of course, water will leak out of a copper pipe, so look for wet and dark-stained surfaces, dripping sounds, pools of water, and even mould growth and corrosion. You may also switch off the water to your system and check the utility meter reading to verify if there is indeed a leak in your home plumbing. If you see changes to the water reading after one or two hours, consider the wet surfaces and pools of water as signs of leaks in the pipes at that part of your home.

2. Shut off the water to the section of the home where the leak was found or shut off water to your home as soon as you are ready to repair the leak. Not doing so will cause water to splash out while you work.

3. Drain the pipes of water, and after having done so, cut away the pipe in such a way that allows you to easily take out the leaky portion. Make sure of leaving just enough pipe protruding so that you can get both the ferrule and nut of the compression fitting to the pipe. If it is possible for you to obtain a pipe cutter or a hacksaw, then this job should be easy for you.

4. After you have cut the bad section of pipe away, it is a must that the remaining pipe, particularly the spot where compression ferrules should be placed, be cleaned with sandpaper. From the extra pipe, cut a new piece to fill in sections that were cut away.

5. Lastly, connect the nuts, ferrules, and body together, and then tighten the nuts afterwards. Do not tighten the nuts too much, or they will break. Switch the water on after tightening the nuts, and if water drips from that section of plumbing you just worked on, just tighten the nuts further until the dripping stops.

While doing this task, it is not completely impossible to find another plumbing problem that you cannot handle. If you do find a plumbing problem that you are not capable of fixing yourself, get in touch with a plumber for assistance immediately.