Drainboard Kitchen Sink: Is One Right for You?

What does drain board kitchen sink?


The drain board kitchen sink is the sink that has Rubber made drainer that keeps countertops dry while drying the dishes.


The time when dishwashers were not invented, the drain boards were made by the homemakers by spreading the kitchen towel and placing wet utensils on that towel to dry the dishes. Other options included the placing the dish drying rack in the second sink and hoping the water to the sink.


The drain board kitchen sink got evolved from the primitive farm house type kitchen sink to the European stainless steel sink.


If you have many items that cannot be washed in the dishwasher, then the drain board kitchen sink is the absolutely perfect option for you as it gets integrated into the sink’s design and creates an attractive and functional look.


Uses and Advantages


Though the modern dishwashers have changed the way of washing dishes, but it is better to use hand washing for the delicate items. The major advantages of the Drain board kitchen sink include:


1. They are ideal for delicate items that require hand wash rather than the dish washer.


2. The drain board sink comes with all the materials, including the stainless steel and thus have a long lasting life.


3. Ideal for drying crystal wine glasses, plastic containers, pots and pans that require delicate hand wash.


4. It is also perfect to place a hot pan or drain off the spaghetti water with the integrated and hardly drain board.


5. It is also appropriate to put the cutting board for food preparation in the drain board kitchen sinks as the peelings and refuses can be easily drained off from the sink to the garbage disposal


6. It is also very helpful if your counterpart is a child or an amateur assistant as you have to worry less about the damage of the dishes




1. Major disadvantage of the drain board Kitchen sink is that it covers the usual counter loop spaces.
2. If the drain board gets ribbed, the groove requires special cleaning with soft bristle brush and thus enhances our work.